Yamaha had to listen to my grandmothers Valentino Rossi and Fabio Quartararo

Now it is bad. Because it’s true that Fabio Quartararo and Yamaha still have a ten-point lead over Pecco Bagnaia and Ducati, but it’s also true that the stalker often suffers a lot more than the stalker. Especially when he has to escape with a bike that has obvious restrictions… and that could have been avoided

nIn the later years of his career, Valentino Rossi kept repeating: “At Yamaha we have to step in too big on the M1, otherwise the others will arrive.” But cruelty (are they saying?) is something that does not exist in the Japanese mentality and this is less so than ever when, despite the obvious limitations, you can still win a world championship. So much so that Valentino Rossi has, in a way, become the limit, as if he can no longer make the best bike ever. He can’t anymore – perhaps because age passes to everyone – but it can’t be true that he became a fool once, and comes constantly. Valentino Rossi tried to get back on topic: “We need to update this bike, and make it able not to suffer so much when you’re in the middle of the group.”

yoA skill that never made it to the M1, thanks to Fabio Quartararo who managed to make it go fast, conquering the world championship and taking the drivers’ standings as well this season. With the same Quartararo who, however, had already started playing Valentino Rossi last season, he asked the Japanese engineers to improve the M1. Specifically, to be honest, Quartararo always asked for more power and a higher top speed, while asking for 46 different ones that allow the tires to wear less. However, both demanded a change of method: to be more willing to change, to try to turn things upside down when you realize that others are faster. It wasn’t like that and now we have to suffer, as Yamaha riders have repeatedly asserted that Valentino Rossi was right. Fabio Quartararo did not explicitly do it, but allowed it. Yamaha problem in the way. “The Latin mentality is missing,” Ramon Forcada, the expert crew chief who was alongside Andrea Dovizioso last season, also said something recently.

eIt is true that Fabio Quartararo was very unlucky in Aragon, but it is also true that in order to win the world championship and not take any risks, one must be able to avoid taking risks in the group. Because anything can happen on the heap and this time it happened to Fabio Quartararo. If Yamaha had always given him the most power he had asked for, he probably wouldn’t have started from sixth on the grid and we would have seen a completely different race.

It’s a small mistake, but it didn’t happen until later, to tell the truth, so does Fabio Quartararo. It’s not listening to my grandmother. What do we have to do with anything? It has something to do with that because she’s always said that if you wear the top you’ll guarantee 70% of your health and that if you wear it in your underwear, and it covers your kidneys, it’s 75%. It’s just kidding, of course, but one might think that if Fabio Quartararo, as the vast majority of pilots do, had worn technical underwear, those obvious chest burns would probably have been milder since there was a minimal layer of fabric in between. Suit leather and aviator leather. It would have burned anyway, but a little less. And a little less was the chances of winning the world championship in jeopardy, given that he will be back on track in less than seven days and the burns are painful for a long time even if you are a pilot and of course you are in pain, less than a mere mortal.