Yamaha, new chassis and 2023 engine seen up close

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The two-day test at Misano provided many interesting ideas, especially in light of 2023. Above all, Yamaha’s stress, which arrived at the San Marino test with just as many ideas and materials. All to please Fabio Quartararo, who wanted to test the new M1 prototype as soon as possible. It’s no secret that the Iwata machine needs power, and the first impression is that it’s headed in the right direction. This is also evidenced by the French driver’s time, who finished both days in the lead with a time of 1’31.054. Here are the exam deadlines

“The arrangement is visible from above, not from below!”

After several months of criticizing his bike’s power, Yamaha responded, and also beefed up the engine division by hiring high-ranking employees like Luca Marmorini, a former engineer at Ferrari and Aprilia. Fabio Quartararo managed to spot the first in-line 2023 four-cylinder on Tuesday, and the first comments were positive. “It’s a good step forward. I’m very happy, given that there is still plenty of time before the first race in Portimao. who will open next season. Below it is the line of Fabio Quartararo. “For the first version, I am satisfied: for the first time I was able to look at the top speed ranking from the top, not from the bottom! It must be said when they do a good job, don’t just talk when things go wrong.”

Franco Morbidelli is also happy with the news Yamaha has presented in the MotoGP tests in Misano. Among them, the modified engine and chassis that approached the title in 2020. “I have a higher top speed and a better sense of cornering. We took the steps we wanted forward” Note the Italian driver.

New Yamaha tire

Before we note in detail the developments of the new M1 engine, it is interesting to explore the new chassis. Fabio Quartararo will probably decide to actually use it in the Aragon GP next weekend. Both Yamaha riders have tried it, and given very positive feedback about it. However, the MotoGP champion stressed that they needed to test it more because he wasn’t sure it was any better than what they currently have.

Team principal Massimo Merigali added that Fabio Quartararo was planning to test this tire again next weekend in Aragon. This is not really a surprise, given that both the rider and the technical team stressed the importance of testing such an important new part on different tracks. On the other hand, Franco Morbidelli does not seem to have the same program, because he did not have the same feelings as Fabio Quartararo.

Help for Quartararo in Aragon?

As for the current MotoGP champ, it’s interesting that he wants to try it out at Aragon, as it might indicate “urgent necessity”, given his current position in the championship. Pecco Bagnaia has won the last four races, and the next Grand Prix will be held at a circuit where the Italian jockey also won last year and where Yamaha has traditionally struggled. So it seems Fabio Quartararo wants to try this tire out to see if it can somehow give it a breath of fresh air to improve performance and help limit damage.

The structure itself does not look much different from the current version. It was easy to spot the test because it wasn’t painted black, as usual. But the physical differences were hard to spot. The only thing visible from the outside was the small bump on the top edge of the main beam that’s not on the new frame, with a right-angle top rim instead. There also appears to be a difference in the top cut area, again on the main beam.

We can see in this photo the 2022 tire that Yamaha riders have used so far. The difference between the two chassis? Where’s my pilot’s knee?

new engine

But what fascinated Yamaha’s riders the most was the new engine, in development for the 2023 season. The least we can say is that it was a very positive departure. This new engine brings more acceleration, more power, and therefore more top speed logically: we can say that the goal has been achieved. The evidence is also in the data: Yamahas were at the top of the top speed ratings, something that didn’t happen for long.

Massimo Merigali specified that the 2023 engine allowed drivers to improve their times. This season, Fabio Quartararo has regularly complained that he always has to donate 100% to try and keep up with the Ducatis. It seems that now, with the new, more powerful engine, he doesn’t have to push that much and this allows him to control things more easily. If he can do it in 2023, his life in MotoGP will definitely be much easier.

It will also be important for Franco Morbidelli, given that he has so far struggled to climb to the top of the standings. If the increase in power allows them to improve their times, the Italian driver can also restore confidence.

Yamaha, work in progress

Obviously, Yamaha’s engineers need a lot more time on the track with the 2023 engine to get it to its full potential. In fact, with more force, they have to reset all electronic devices and their settings to get the most out of them. So there will likely be some leeway in regards to Yamaha’s top speed as they start figuring out the best way to control their new power.

In this photo we can already see a way with this new, most impressive aerodynamic system. The fins are larger than before, while they lose the “chin” protruding from the front of the air intake. But the interesting thing is the aggressive “lip” on the trailing edge of the wing, to create more downforce.

Lateral fins also developed, arranged on the sides of the hull. Yamaha did its best to hide the changes made, but we can confirm that it has a larger upper deck. More downforce can help manage the increase in strength.

Yamaha riders also did a few laps without these side flaps, in order to gauge the amount of compressive force from these appendages.

Also in the photo above you can also see the new air intake. It is possible that Yamaha intends to integrate this air intake with the 2023 engine. Manufacturers often modify the air intake and airbox to make them work with a new engine. They try to find as much power as possible, but they also try to maintain as much of that power as possible.

First answers on Quartararo

Overall, the Misano test was very positive for Yamaha. They found the acceleration, power and top speed, all that Fabio Quartararo had been asking for since he started riding the M1 in 2019. Most importantly, their first version of the 2023 chassis appears to have much more pros than cons. The French rider seems content as he has often stated that Yamaha has struggled at the front this season and that they need to study some improvements to improve the feel. It looks like Yamaha is already gearing up to be in great shape for 2023!

Photo: Dorna Sports

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