You have to defeat the Spaniards in their house

Dennis Foggia Still hoping for the Moto3 title? The math certainly helps him, as he’s 35- and there are six other scheduled GPs. Now it’s up to MotorLand Aragon, the penultimate European event of the season, as well as a fond memory of the Italian Leopard. In fact, last year he was the winner on the Spanish track! After reasserting his supremacy at Misano, another position will be a good confidence booster to keep championship hopes alive. In fact, there are four major unknown pathways, three in Asia and Oceania, that have not been seen since 2019 and are already completely unknown to some. This is why it’s important to send another strong signal about “safe ground” to the fierce duo Aspar, who will surely want to do much better in Aragon than in the 2021 GP…let’s review that.

Foggia-Öncü until the last breath

It is definitely impossible to guess the end of the race based on what happened the day before in qualifying. Darren Bender didn’t make it into first place, but above all Moto3 leader Pedro Acosta made one of his rare mistakes the year he saw him as a rising champion. In fact, just 4 laps from the end, here’s the turn: the world leader, firmly in the podium, slips and slashes even the innocent Xavi Artigas. Sergio Garcia, at that moment second overall with a 40-point lead, had a golden opportunity to get close, but on the last lap he threw himself too far and thus frustrated all the work done. And Denis Foggia? Starting in 14th, the race seemed to be uphill and instead, with persistence and determination, he was able to catch up quickly with the big group battling for the podium. A brawler champion in an unpredictable race, he took a truly sweaty victory. Behind him, in fact, Deniz Onko does not give up his greatness as a possible first world victory approaches. But even Denis Foggia, who managed to organize the Turkish combat driver for only 41 thousandths, did not give up! Acosta remains the solid leader, while the Italian has moved instead to -58: a rebound, in round 13 (of 18) of the season, still keeping the world’s hopes alive.

Where did we stay

A repeat of the 2021 result would be ideal for the Leopard Racing standard carrier. After the victory in Misano, it will be another very important race position. This time the gap in relation to the world leader is much smaller than it was last year, Dennis Foggia can try until the end. Certainly, however, the boys from Asper will not stand idly by. Izan Guevara is for the first time the world championship leader and is positioning himself more and more as the man to beat, and the true contender for the ultimate victory in this category. On the other hand, Sergio Garcia must immediately forget about the disastrous San Marino race and immediately respond to his fellow boxer, who is now 11 points ahead of him. As well as canceling the ghosts of Aragon 2021 with this fatal mistake in the last corners. Who is going out this new Spanish weekend? The battle is still very open.

Irida top ten

1. Be Guevara – GasGas Aspar Team – GasGas – 204 points
2. Sergio Garcia – Team Gas Asper – Gas Gas – 193 points
3. Dennis Foggia – Leopard Racing – Honda – 169 points
4. Jaume Masiá – Red Bull KTM Ajo – KTM – 147 points
5. Marine Pioneer Red Bull KTM Tech3 KTM 140 Points
6. Ayumu Sasaki – Husqvarna Max Racing Team – Husqvarna – 138 points
7. Tatsuki Suzuki – Leopard Racing – Honda – 124 Ponte
8. Andrea Mineo – Team Snipers – Honda – 84 points
9. Carlos Tatay – CFMoto PrüstelGP – CFMoto – 70 points
10. Daniel Holgado – Red Bull KTM Ajo – KTM – 67 points
full arrangement