“You will never be a leader”

We witness scenes that we don’t understand and that make us smile, or rather silly scenes portrayed by those who position themselves as leaders but who act as sacrifice victims. Leonardo Bonucci He was not a captain and never will be: neither at Inter, nor in Treviso, nor in Pisa, nor in Bari, nor in Milan, let alone in Juventus And so do others who support him. In this particular moment of public confusion as we witness among the players and in Juventus and in the corners, a moment of complete chaos where anyone who wants their role as expert, leader, leader and manager stands without one with the charisma and not even the recognition of the people or those who have known the environment for years. If there were hierarchical scales, there would be a reason: a good soldier is not necessarily a good leaderThis is the beginning of a long press release from Juventus Ultras Massimiliano Allegri In the biggest storm after the defeat against Monza And now the words, even the heavy ones, come from part of the organizers’ supporters. Who gradually takes it to Bonucci, Managers and companies.

Ultras Juventus is very difficult for Bonucci: “You’ve never been a captain. You never will be”

The message continues towards the Juventus captain: “Bringing professional players as a victim as a victim to watch the curve as they whistle and insult, creating legitimacy for the competition a month before the start of the season is simply ABSURD. The result can be just absurd. Wanted in sports, especially at these levels and in team sports. Their profession and their knowledge. You do more harm to your teammates and to any coach, coach and/or manager who is unable.”

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Juventus continues to play with Allegri

Ultras Juventus: “Why did they bring insults to the players who argue? Ridiculous scenes”

still: “Instead, the role of the (real) ultras is to support the team for as long as possible. For complaints and apologies, dear “fragments” there is a time at the end of the season or there must be input from within. And if you (some guys) are going to make this “filth” you should be ashamed, if you are doing it out of ignorance or for personal purposes: stop and know that you are wrong ways, timing and pivots. If we had something to tell you we would have done it in Continassa and look you in the eye as we always did in the past, not on the field in front of opponents with bosses and gangsters which makes us and makes you silly and weak. Everyone who wears the Juventus shirt lowers his head only in front of his people and not in front of everyone, including the media. Looks from the field to the curve, a formal salutation with a raised hand rather than a cheerful one is enough to understand that you are apologizing. We’ve always understood knowing you’ll respond. Finally, don’t just take the blame for the incompetent leaders and boss and they have to take responsibility for. Always and only for the love of knitting!“.

Juventus under the curve at Monza: We apologize to the fans after the knockout

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Juventus under the curve at Monza: We apologize to the fans after the knockout

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