Nations League, Final Four: Spain beat Portugal and qualified with a goal from Morata

Luis Enrique’s men beat Portugal 1-0 in Braga and will go to the finals of the European competition alongside Italy, Croatia and the Netherlands. Salvatore Malfitano comma; Malfitoto September 27 – Milan It is Spain that completes the picture of the Quartet Nations final, reaching Italy, Croatia and the Netherlands. Portugal got rid of qualifying … Read more

Do you want Hamilton to stay in F1? The reason is incredible

As he prepares to end a challenging season, Hamilton reflects on his future in Formula One and reveals something incredible. Although there was a warning last year, Lewis Hamilton Clearly, he was in shock. The Englishman always and in any case used to fight for victory, without struggling much and without facing great difficulties, starting … Read more

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How do I get into F1 and get a Super License?

The issue of American talent Herta raised the question: How do you get a super license to land in Formula One? It increasingly defines F1 grid for 2023. At the moment there are very few seats in the balance, as the last contracts have been completed in the last few weeks, when we are now … Read more

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Brawn: “I would have liked to see the Schumacher Max challenge” – Formula 1

Ross BrownThe “father” of the new technical regulation that Formula 1 began to adopt this season, inextricably linked his sporting career to that of Michael Schumacher. Together with the German Kaiser in all seven championships that Schumacher won between Benetton and Ferrari, Braun played a decisive role in these victories, transforming the ability to conquer … Read more

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The DRS dilemma: from lap 1 usage to the ‘push to pass’ version – Formula 1

Fans whistle at Monza for the final race in the system safety car It still rings in the ears of F1 leaders and Liberty Media, who clearly can’t afford ‘fools’ to ride this circus-positive wave of popularity as evidenced by the ‘sell’ being taped virtually every race weekend with Record attendance at the ring. Today … Read more

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Milan, junior players on loan: Colombo charms, Nasty waits, Roback learns from Essien

Daniel Maldini has slowed down due to an injury in La Spezia, while Brescianini plays continuously in Cosenza. Dyslexic alertness. Milan takes notes, observes and studies young players on loan. It’s similar to what I’ve done with Pobega for the past four years. Behind the Rossoneri’s first blast against Dinamo Zagreb, there is a Tour … Read more

GP Thailand, Brembo unveils braking system commitment at Buriram

After two years of absence, due to the pandemic, MotoGP returns to Thailand, and as for the previous two editions, it will be racing at the Chang International Circuit. According to Brembo technicians, this circuit falls into the category of circuits that are highly demanding on brakes. On a scale of 1 to 6, he … Read more

CRO Race 2022, Jonathan Milan’s first pro success! Defeat Sacha Modolo and Mirko Maestri

Jonathan Milan Take the first stop from CRO Race 2022. Young Italian runner from Bahrain – Victorius wins the opening stage of the Croatian GP by dominating the race before the race. Sasha Modulu (Bardani CSF Faizanè) H Mirco Maestri (Ulus – Kumita), and thus will return his teammate in the final Matej Mohorek, which … Read more

MotoGP 2022. Farewell message: “Hey Duffy, we’re going to miss Brake” [VIDEO] – MotoGP

In a letter full of anecdotes, Brembo recalled the steps of an extraordinary career: The astonishing analytical skills of the 1986-born pilot show, by the way: Do you know the history of the master thumb cylinder? September 27 2022 “Hey Duffy, we’re going to miss the brakes‘, with this simple sentence Brembo received Andrea DoviziosoHe … Read more

Here’s what he had to say about F1

He hasn’t stopped yet, yet four-time world champion Vettel is already starting to lose engines. Here’s what his future could be. It was 2007 when the face of a young, angelic blonde appeared in F1. That year, as well as the year before, as a test driver for BMW CleanAnd the Sebastian Vettel He has … Read more

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